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Are There Any Benefits of Feeding Raw Meat to Your Dogs?

Raw meat? For a natural killer, what the hush are you talking about? No, we cannot do it; we should not talk about it. What a joke, I pity the people who even think about opposing this notion. I understand there are a lot of half-wits in this world, but this would be plain stupidity. Dogs are just wolves after a few thousand years of evolution took place; they are designed to eat these things.

Their teeth, the digestive system, the mindset everything works for hunting and eating. No one ever cooked their meat for them in the wilderness, no one ever chopped it for them there. You guys need to chill a little bit. Now listen up why raw meat is good for the dogs. 

Help Them Teeth

emotional support dog

Dog teeth are an essential part of their lives and are very tough to take care of as they don’t clean it like humans; also, they don’t have auto repairing ones like sharks. With the postmodern food and diets with all the colas and added sugars, it is easier than ever for dogs to ruin their teeth.

Chewing raw meaty bones are associated with cleaner and stronger teeth and gums, respectively, in dogs. Crushing of bones will help your dog exercise, and it does scraping his teeth. Also, bones are a good source of calcium and are easy to digest for the canine. 

Keep Them in Shape 

Keeping the dogs in shape is one of the tasks that humans must do now. We have ruined their diets so darned much and have reduced their activities to almost nothing that it is straightforward for an emotional support dog to get obese. The responsibility to keep them fit falls upon our shoulders too, after all that. But again, meatballs and processed food is not a very good way of doing it.

Along with some long walks & exercise, you need to feed them the right kind of food, too, raw meat being one. Just like the human bodies, proteins are building blocks for the dog bodies also and will provide more energy besides keeping them lean. They won’t be losing muscle mass but the actual fats. Again just like humans, thin dogs live longer than obese dogs have controlled blood pressure and a stronger immunity system.

Because Why Not?

Why the hell not? They are carnivores; they are born to eat raw meat. Some people would argue that dogs are omnivores and can survive on a vegetarian diet only. Yeah, they can, but then again, there are no sick dogs in the wild; of course, they have problems but their kind of issues, not the pet-problems.

Look at those skull-crushing jaws, sharp teeth which are designed to shred flesh and active intestines, even the healthy digestive juices. Some people call them the opportunist carnivores, they can eat survive on the veggies too, but it is not what they should do. 

Keeping Those Precious Eyes Lit 

Let me accept this firsthand that dog eyes are the cutest thing in this world, humans can lie via their eyes, but dogs are yet untouched by this trick. The problem is during the last days of their lives, dogs start to grow questions related eyes.

This eye clique will be broken by raw meat. Raw meat diet with its low fats is perfect for every dog’s retina. What does the right eye need? Lutein, zinc, vitamins like D and E, Antioxidants, proteins, carbs, and good fats, this is precisely what they got. If this is not a balanced diet, I do not know what is. 

A Brand New Dog Ladies and Gentlemen

Ladies are notorious for their mood swings, and for the fact they have split personalities when they are hungry, but something very similar happens to the dogs. When you switch your pooch’s diet from regular to a raw meat diet, you will remove the dry food from their diet.

This switch will bring changes like a good mood for a longer time. Dry food is full of easily digestible carbs, which happens to fuel insulin and high blood sugar levels in a dog, which means they will be more grumpy when they have it.

Dry food has more plastic than Pamela Anderson in it, which is not suitable for anyone. Another downside of a dry diet is that these foods are low in vitamin B, which is called mind soothing vitamin. 

This switch will bring changes like a good mood for a longer time. Dry food is full of easily digestible carbs, which happens to fuel insulin and high blood sugar levels in a dog, which means they will be more grumpy when they have it.

Yeah, so this was all about how raw meat is right for your dog and why you shouldn’t be a pig who eats everything and anything asking his dog to do the same too.

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Tips to Keep Your Garden Healthy & Productive

Having a healthy, productive garden is one of the most satisfying things that everyone wants. In fact, gardening provides lots of health benefits. It helps in boosting mood by taking away negative thoughts.

No matter whether you have incorporated gardening as an outdoor hobby or for getting healthy vegetables or fruits, it’s necessary to keep your garden well-organized and good looking. For that, you need to care for the health of flowers, fruits, and veggies.

Here’re some of the best methods to keep your garden healthy and producing well.

Examine Plants Carefully Before Purchasing

The best method to reduce the chances of diseases in your plants is to avoid in the first place. In fact, no one wants to add a plant that already has a disease, into the garden. Thus, you should learn how to analyze the health of a plant.

Don’t bring home plants with rotted stems or insects as these can easily spread to healthy ones. In addition to checking leaves and branches, also check the roots of plants. Roots should be firm and usually white, and dark roots isn’t a good sign.

It’s good to read books, magazines and online blogs regularly to keep yourself updated with the latest garden decoration ideas and trends.

Never Ignore Bugs

Insects are real enemies, and they cause a lot of damage to the plants. You can use various methods to control garden pests, such as physical barriers. Buy a fine net and position it over the plant. Make sure under the plant, there’s enough space for the plant to grow.

However, you can use a cardboard collar around the plant stem to prevent cutworms and other burrowing insects from contacting the plants.

Planting different kinds of crops in different garden sections can also help in reducing pest infestation. However, some insects come out in the spring while spending the winter underground. If you change the location of the crop, the insects will have to relocate in search of food. This will increase their chances of being attacked by birds or other insects.

Create a Flower Border Around The Vegetable Garden

This can help in blocking the view, which isn’t attractive. Additionally, the flowers will act as a protective shield to your vegetables and fruits. For example, if you plant a border of marigolds around the vegetable garden, you will be able to protect the latter from nematodes, aphids, etc.

This means by doing something simple, you can easily increase the harvest while keep your plants healthy and adding greenery around you.

Use The Right Fertilizers

If you use excessive fertilizers, chances are they may burn roots, thus minimizing the ability to absorb water. Additionally, it can add more stress to the plants. However, plants starved from necessary nutrients can experience problems in growth while stronger plants have enough power to fight diseases.

Water The Plants Properly

Watering is necessary. However, some diseases also need water to grow like plants. There’re many pathogens in the soil, which need water to grow, move, and reproduce. Thus, you should water your plants properly to avoid the diseases from spreading. You can use soaker hoses and drip irrigation methods.

Most leaf problems worsen when leaves are wet, thus avoid overhead sprinkling. However, if you’re watering with a hose, hold the leaves out of the way.

Place Plants Closer to Each Other

This will help your garden look fuller. Additionally, you will be able to save water and time. However, this doesn’t work in every case. But, don’t place the plants too crowded, which may turn them weak and cause diseases. So, place the plants with an optimal gap for airflow and proper growth.

In conclusion, plants are important, and they provide lots of health benefits and keep the environment clean. Thus, caring for them means caring for your family and the environment. Gardening doesn’t mean planting the plants, but you need to take the right steps to maintain your garden at home.

Water the plants properly, use the right fertilizers, examine plants before bringing them to your garden, and control pests. Be determined and upgrade your knowledge regarding plants and gardening techniques by reading books, online blogs, and magazines. Remember, your garden reflects your personality and leaves a good impression on visitors. Keep your garden beautifully organized, and stay healthy and happy!

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4 Fermented Foods Good For Your Digestion And Health

The hottest topic in the food industry these days is the fermentation of foods, and for all the good reasons. If you want good health for your guts, you should immediately start having fermented foods. This process not only preserves the food but also has many health benefits. Fermented foods can boost your gut health and can benefit your digestion. These foods are rich in beneficial bacteria, known as probiotics.

These probiotics are found in your gut and provide ‘service’ that has various health benefits. They can improve your immune system, help you by increasing weight loss, increase energy levels, help in reducing inflammation, and improve your digestion. Fermented foods can be a natural source of probiotics, so use these foods in your diet rather than relying on supplements. Fermentation is basically breaking down natural sugars by yeast and bacteria.

These foods can help to reduce bloating and cramps. Adding these foods to your diet can help you in various ways. So, here’s a list of the healthiest fermented foods for you to add in your diet.


Kombucha is a fizzy fermented tea made from yeast and bacteria that are beneficial for you. This drink is usually made from green or black tea, which is flavorful as herbs and fruits are used to make it.

Kombucha contains many health beneficial properties that can help your liver by preventing it from toxicity and any harm from chemicals. This beverage has been in demand for more than two thousand years now. The probiotics and natural organic acids are produced during the fermentation process of kombucha as yeast and bacteria breakdown the sugars present in tea.

Kombucha is rich in glucaric acid, which is helpful in detoxification. Some more health benefits of this drink include reducing cholesterol levels, keep blood sugar levels low, liver and GI functions improvement, and also reducing the risk of a few cancers.


This thinner and tangier cousin of yogurt is fermented milk made from kefir grains. These grains which are made with a combination of yeast and bacteria are added to milk. This thick and tangy drink is a kind of cultured dairy products and the taste of this beverage can be compared to yogurt.

Kefir is rich with calcium and probiotics bacteria and possesses many health benefits, that can benefit your digestion, inflammation, and bone health. Not just the taste, kefir is similar to yogurt in one more aspect, that kefir can help in digesting lactose by breaking it down. This can help you a lot if you are lactose intolerant and face problems in digesting the sugars present in dairy products. By breaking down the lactose, kefir helps you against cramps, bloating and diarrhea too.


Tempeh is a protein-rich food best suited for vegans and vegetarians, and it is made from fermented soybeans. If you need support for your muscle growth or looking for some muscle repair, tempeh can be your best choice. This plant-based food is high in protein and carries a firmer texture.

Tempeh can be a substitute for meat if you are looking to get high protein. You can bake or steam it before adding it to your dishes. It is also proven to be beneficial in reducing some risk elements for heart disease and chronic disease by reducing the buildup of free radicals.

This way it acts as an antioxidant. You can expect all the essential amino acids in tempeh, making it a great source to have probiotics.


The most well-known fermented food of all, yogurt is made from fermented milk. The fermentation of milk used for yogurt is done with lactic acid bacteria, like kefir. A good number of probiotics are present in the yogurt which can also help you digest a fine amount of lactose.

So, if you are lactose intolerant, you may enjoy the benefits of yogurt. It’s hardly possible that you go wrong with yogurt if you are not choosing a flavor with loaded sugar. Fermentation with lactic acid bacteria makes yogurt an excellent choice for the gut as it increases the number of bacteria strains (beneficial for your health) in the gut.

This makes you stronger against problems like type 2 diabetes, chronic inflammatory disease, and irritable bowel syndrome. You can maintain your blood sugar and boost your bone mineral density with yogurt, due to its calcium-rich composition. Not just the calcium, it also contains many other nutrients such as potassium, phosphorus, and vitamin B12. Yogurt will also help you stay away from obesity and keep your waistline in shape.