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Here is What You Need to Learn About Climate Change

Earth’s climate is changing rapidly and by 2040 CO2 emissions will reach a dangerous point. Water you drink and the air you breathe will be more contaminated. The money in your bank account will be spent on artificial oxygen gas, not on buying other goods. Saving the climate is in the hands of the human race and looks like right now none of us are making an extra effort to save the environment.

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Are There Any Benefits of Feeding Raw Meat to Your Dogs?


Raw meat? For a natural killer, what the hush are you talking about? No, we cannot do it; we should not talk about it. What a joke, I pity the people who even think about opposing this notion. I understand there are a lot of half-wits in this world, but this would be plain stupidity. Dogs are just wolves after a few thousand years of evolution took place; they are designed to eat these things.

Selam Haile
Selam Haile

Selam is a dietician, and loves writing about food and nutrition. She lives with her dog Coolie, and according to elam, Coolie helps her in writing about animals’ food and nutrition.

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