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Tips to Keep Your Garden Healthy & Productive

Having a healthy, productive garden is one of the most satisfying things that everyone wants. In fact, gardening provides lots of health benefits. It helps in boosting mood by taking away negative thoughts.

No matter whether you have incorporated gardening as an outdoor hobby or for getting healthy vegetables or fruits, it’s necessary to keep your garden well-organized and good looking. For that, you need to care for the health of flowers, fruits, and veggies.

Here’re some of the best methods to keep your garden healthy and producing well.

Examine Plants Carefully Before Purchasing

The best method to reduce the chances of diseases in your plants is to avoid in the first place. In fact, no one wants to add a plant that already has a disease, into the garden. Thus, you should learn how to analyze the health of a plant.

Don’t bring home plants with rotted stems or insects as these can easily spread to healthy ones. In addition to checking leaves and branches, also check the roots of plants. Roots should be firm and usually white, and dark roots isn’t a good sign.

It’s good to read books, magazines and online blogs regularly to keep yourself updated with the latest garden decoration ideas and trends.

Never Ignore Bugs

Insects are real enemies, and they cause a lot of damage to the plants. You can use various methods to control garden pests, such as physical barriers. Buy a fine net and position it over the plant. Make sure under the plant, there’s enough space for the plant to grow.

However, you can use a cardboard collar around the plant stem to prevent cutworms and other burrowing insects from contacting the plants.

Planting different kinds of crops in different garden sections can also help in reducing pest infestation. However, some insects come out in the spring while spending the winter underground. If you change the location of the crop, the insects will have to relocate in search of food. This will increase their chances of being attacked by birds or other insects.

Create a Flower Border Around The Vegetable Garden

This can help in blocking the view, which isn’t attractive. Additionally, the flowers will act as a protective shield to your vegetables and fruits. For example, if you plant a border of marigolds around the vegetable garden, you will be able to protect the latter from nematodes, aphids, etc.

This means by doing something simple, you can easily increase the harvest while keep your plants healthy and adding greenery around you.

Use The Right Fertilizers

If you use excessive fertilizers, chances are they may burn roots, thus minimizing the ability to absorb water. Additionally, it can add more stress to the plants. However, plants starved from necessary nutrients can experience problems in growth while stronger plants have enough power to fight diseases.

Water The Plants Properly

Watering is necessary. However, some diseases also need water to grow like plants. There’re many pathogens in the soil, which need water to grow, move, and reproduce. Thus, you should water your plants properly to avoid the diseases from spreading. You can use soaker hoses and drip irrigation methods.

Most leaf problems worsen when leaves are wet, thus avoid overhead sprinkling. However, if you’re watering with a hose, hold the leaves out of the way.

Place Plants Closer to Each Other

This will help your garden look fuller. Additionally, you will be able to save water and time. However, this doesn’t work in every case. But, don’t place the plants too crowded, which may turn them weak and cause diseases. So, place the plants with an optimal gap for airflow and proper growth.

In conclusion, plants are important, and they provide lots of health benefits and keep the environment clean. Thus, caring for them means caring for your family and the environment. Gardening doesn’t mean planting the plants, but you need to take the right steps to maintain your garden at home.

Water the plants properly, use the right fertilizers, examine plants before bringing them to your garden, and control pests. Be determined and upgrade your knowledge regarding plants and gardening techniques by reading books, online blogs, and magazines. Remember, your garden reflects your personality and leaves a good impression on visitors. Keep your garden beautifully organized, and stay healthy and happy!

Selam Haile
Selam Haile

Selam is a dietician, and loves writing about food and nutrition. She lives with her dog Coolie, and according to elam, Coolie helps her in writing about animals’ food and nutrition.

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