Coachella is a dream for any music lover. Over the years there have been claims that it is a highly commercialized venture but the truth is the festival still boasts of hosting over 90,000 people over two consecutive weekends. Plus as the festival date nears there are two major camps taking over social media the #Coachella & the #Nochella. you can always be in the second camp but what’s the point if you never actually go in the first place.

Yes, for a claustrophobe there could not have been a worse nightmare. But it is still a memorable experience no matter what happens. There is not a better place to catch some of the best music acts performing under one (fugitive)  roof.  

So strap on those festival outfits where hippie meets boho and make your way to the desert for a weekend of friends, food, and fun. 

Fork Out Some Cash 

If you are already spending to be there in the first place might as well ensure that you spend that extra $400 for the better facilities, better food, and better, roomier, shadier place to hang out in between those bands( they don’t actually play back to back ). The VIP area also serves a variety of drinks and allows you to access car parks much closer to the festival grounds. 

Spend A Little More Again 

The first day, all you want is to reach the festival but it isn’t that easy. The pickup counter for the tickets is about 20 minutes away from the main festival. Here the lines are even bigger than those inside the festival. So just get those bands sent home and make your way to the grounds directly. 

Read Mails 

A couple of weeks before the actual festival you will be sent emails, ensure you read them. You need to register your wristband and glass bottles are an iffy subject. Just read those emails. Nothing bad can come out of it. 

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