You have to be responsible when you have a furry friend. You need to always look after his health and make sure that he’s in good health and shape. We all know how important walking your dog is for his physical as well as mental health.

It is also a way to tune up your new relationship and learn new things. It’s also a huge opportunity for you to bond with your special canine. Dogs just love going for walks, and we love seeing them happy and playing. Just mention the word “walk” and see the excitement in the air as your pooch will start wagging his tail relentlessly. He won’t just sit at one place, furiously pacing to and fro.

You should take your fur pal for walks regularly and not just for potty breaks. But, sometimes after a long day at work, you may find it hard to get that motivation and enthusiasm to walk your pup. You might ask yourself, why should I walk my dog, or is it really important? Yes, it is. And here are all the reasons why you should walk your dog.

It’s a Great Form of Exercise For Both of You

Even if you have a big yard and you let your pooch run and play there, it’s not enough. You need to get your dog a chance to go out and wiggle his tail in the open world. You have to take care of your pup’s physical fitness for him to stay healthy.

You must be hearing this since your childhood, how important regular exercise is for your mental and physical health. The same goes for your fur-pal. And walking your dog is an excellent form of exercise that has many physical benefits. It can reduce the risk of coronary heart disease, improve blood pressure, risk of diabetes get reduced, it can even help in reducing the risk of breast and colon cancer, and it also lowers the risk of obesity. 

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As I said earlier, your dog’s health is your responsibility. Also, your pooch will feel more energetic if he was getting bored. Dogs are just like kids, they want to explore the world and can get bored easily by sitting at home all day. I have a beagle and I know how much he loves sniffing on to new scents. There’s nothing else in this world (except for me, obviously) that makes him happy than sniffing and exploring new scents. So let your dog enjoy the opportunity to discover the world with a little bit of required exercise.

Walking Will Teach Your Pooch How to Socialize

Every dog expert will insist on telling that it’s best for your dog to socialize from the beginning when he’s a small puppy. This is absolutely true, but that doesn’t mean that socialization should stop there.

Dogs can develop anxiety or phobias over time if they don’t socialize with other dogs regularly. So, taking your furry friend out for a walk is a great opportunity to help your companion learn ways of socially interacting with new animals.

When you go on a walk with your pooch, your dog is likely to meet many other dogs. This will expose your dog to new dogs, people and situations, which will slowly teach them how to socialize. Just take care of your

pooch shows fear, it can take time, slowly he’ll learn. You can also take him to dog parks, or training clubs if he is showing fear or anxiety.

It’s a Training Opportunity

It’s still an easy task to train your dog indoors when there are no distractions. You can teach them to sit, lie down or roll; but when you are outside with your dogs, you get the chance to try these basic commands when it’s hard for your dog to focus.

Also, dogs aren’t born with the knowledge of walking on a leash, so you will get the opportunity to teach your pooch how to follow your lead. You can teach him to follow your commands like sit, stay, and heel. You may also take treats with you, it will help you with the process, as dogs learn quickly if they get rewards. They love praises, so take some treats with you.

We can never have enough of benefits for spending more time walking with your pet. You can find several pet friendly markets and cafes in your neighborhood. If you have an emotional support animal letter you can also fly domestic with your furry friend and explore around the continent.

All the more reason to walk more with your pet. Walking with your dog is one of the best things ever; just like ice-cream. Make sure you make the most out of your time with your pooch.

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Selam Haile

Selam is a dietician, and loves writing about food and nutrition. She lives with her dog Coolie, and according to elam, Coolie helps her in writing about animals’ food and nutrition.

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